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What connects all life on earth?
New children’s book and movie gives kids the answer

MILFORD, Michigan - A one-legged pirate teaches children how life on earth is connected through moving water in a new book and movie. The publishers of the New York Times best-selling In The Woods Series, Carl R. Sams II Photography, Inc., is releasing A Pirate’s Quest (for his family heirloom peg leg), and movie, The Riddle in a Bottle, to teach children gentle lessons of nature in their quest to connect children with the natural world.

The Riddle in a Bottle is produced by wildlife filmmakers Laura Sams and Robert Sams of Sisbro Studios, who made the award-winning Lost in the Woods: The Movie, winner of the Wildscreen Panda Award for the best children’s wildlife film world-wide, and Stranger in the Woods: The Movie. Throughout the film, two siblings, called The Riddle Solvers, work to solve a mysterious riddle from the ocean, which they find in a magic bottle. They receive clues from sea turtles, tide pool creatures, pond animals and even a singing pirate who each share how moving water plays an important role in their lives.

Even before its release the movie was one of three finalists for the Panda Award for the best children’s wildlife film world-wide in the Children’s Choice category of the Wildscreen International Film Festival held in Bristol, England this past October. Wildscreen is the premier wildlife film festival worldwide.

The singing pirate also inspired a new children’s book, A Pirate’s Quest, written by Laura and Robert Sams. “We wrote The Peg Leg Song, in which a pirate must search for a lost family heirloom peg leg by following the moving water from the lakes to the rivers to the sea. Then we realized the song would make a wonderful story on its own,” explained Laura Sams.

The book is illustrated by Heiner Hertling, an award-winning artist and host of the PBS television show Your Brush With Nature. Heiner painted over fifty original oil paintings for the book. “Adding a pirate to my usual nature-based scenes was a great challenge,” Heiner said. “I want this book to be something that children will love for the story, nature lovers will love for the nature, and artists will love for the art.”

What is the answer to the riddle? And will the pirate find his peg leg? Children of all ages will enjoy the journey to find out.

Publishers Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick are a husband/wife team known for their three award-winning children’s books: Stranger in the Woods, Lost in the Woods and First Snow in the Woods, all New York Time’s best-sellers. Like the new book and movie, these three books share gentle lessons about nature.

The Riddle in a Bottle and A Pirate’s Quest are available for $19.95 each at many area gift shops and bookstores, or by calling 1-800-552-1867. For more information visit www.apiratesquest.com.

For Immediate Release

Date: Fall, 2008

Carl R. Sams II

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