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We receive wonderful letters from adults and children who purchase our books and prints. It's always a pleasure to know how much people enjoy our creative efforts.
"We have a couple of your photographs, a couple of your books and all my grandchildren have Stranger in the Woods, the book, video and cd.

"I also sent it to some friends in France to help their children learn English. The mother is American but the kids speak little English. I thought you might find this interesting. Every day I transport my 6 year old granddaughter to school for afternoon kindergarten. She wants to listen to the CD, Stranger in the Woods, every day and knows it by heart.

"The other day she said, 'I wish I knew the people who did this so I could ask them to make a spring or summer one so we could change it for the season.' I just thought you would find this interesting"

     ~~ Joan Bosse

"I am a native Michigander and a nature and wildlife lover, and have long been into wolf photographs in particular. A few years ago I purchased a large sized "Autumn Retreat" from your gallery. I have it prominently displayed above our fireplace and it is a real treasure to me!

"Everyone who walks in my family room for the first time is in awe of the photo the minute they walk in and I get more compliments on that than anything else in my home. I have several large sized wildlife photographs and Autumn Retreat is by far my favorite picture!"

     ~~ Barb, Parker, CO


"We just wanted to write a quick e-mail telling you how much the whole family LOVES 'A Stranger in the Woods'. Our three boys (ages 5, 3,1) got the book from their aunt for Christmas and we have read it every night since (sometimes twice!).

"What a wonderful change to have photographs of wildlife and that beautiful woods! The last picture of the two children walking through that woods reminds me of when I was little. I grew up with a woods just like that in my back yard. It brings tears to my eyes each time we read it!

"Thanks for a pleasant distraction from the crazy realities of life!!"

     ~~ Margaret D.


 "I just had to write and thank you for sharing your artistry, imagination and beautiful photography with us in your book, Stranger in the Woods. I am 60 yrs old and bought the book for myself, not for a child....

"It brought back many fond memories of being on Snow Shoe Ridge, our '6 acre tree farm.'

"If I've had a bad day at the office, I come home and pick up your book and forget the cares of the world. Thanks for bringing so much joy to us."

     ~~ Betsy S.
 "What an exquisite book! The gorgeous photography and the perfect accompanying story are lovely for a child to enjoy, but breathtaking for an adult to appreciate and savor over and over. A book to treasure.

"I work with deer so perhaps it has special meaning for me. Their expressions of inquisitiveness and wonder are so typical of the species. You captured this perfectly.

"The soft colors of nature mingled with splashes of vivid red is truly creative. The photos of wild birds and woodland creatures are spectacular. The cardinal in flight is glorious. The children - Recipe for a Snowman - delightful. I've run out of superlatives.

Thanks for providing a gift of pure joy."

     ~~ Marjorie D.
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